One Click Demo Import (or OCDI) is a free WordPress plugin that allows users to import multiple types of content to their WordPress site.

It gets superpowers if theme authors have integrated their theme demo content. Allowing users to import the demo with just a few clicks.

One click demo import is one of the most useful features that a WordPress theme can have. Users love to start the website development process at the same starting point as the theme demo page, so they can quickly develop the website they want. This plugin was created to make life of both theme authors and theme users easier.

The best feature of this plugin is, that theme authors can define demo imports for their themes and make it super easy for theme users to import everything. It’s as simple as clicking a few buttons!

OCDI can import the WP content, widgets, customizer settings, and Redux framework options.

This can be done manually, by selecting import files for each import type or automatically via theme integration. In both cases, your content will be imported within few clicks.

If you want to import content to your WordPress site, please check out our user’s guide.

Are you using a theme that is lacking One Click Demo Import? Ask your theme author to add support. It will only take them 15 minutes!

Are you a WP theme author and would like to make your user’s lives easier? Follow our easy Integration guide and your theme will have the functionality to import the demo content within minutes.

ocdi predefined demos
Example of a theme with OCDI integration.